Product Design

Baby Cradle Design

It was a pleasure to design this peace for the "Paços de Ferreira European Capital of Furniture" project, with the creative direction of José Manuel dos Santos, head of Design Americas from Philips Lighting, in close collaboration with company Alpha Details who manufactured the prototype.

I was invited by Philips Lighting Portugal and by the municipality of Paços de Ferreira for the creation of a piece of furniture that simultaneously promoted the industry of the county and represented Philips Lighting technology.

In this context, this unique piece, a cradle, aims to symbolize all the growth and the affirmation of the city as the capital of furniture in the world, and simultaneously associate the latest technology in lighting using Philips Hue intelligent system.

This cradle was conceptualized in solid oak wood, demonstrate the local arts and crafts, combining the design to the advantages of light through the subtle introduction of a wireless LED system, which through an internet connection, can be remotely controlled, giving an emotional experience driven by light colors.

The core objective is to help the mother and baby cope with the first challenging months by applying color therapy in a subtle way.

If you want to purchase one, get in touch.

Photos by Nuno Pereira