Spyder Film

I was commissioned to design, model, rig and do the look development of this mechanical spider for the movie Spyder. It was really a joy to work on this character. My intention was to bring a lifelike structure for its body, with functional parts that reacts to its movement.
Everything works mechanically to simplify the rigging step. All model came to life inside zBrush by creating a master IMM with all isolated pieces that were designed separately. This way it made simple to iterate and find new design possibilities.

I was also responsible to model and look dev the Container from the movie, which was also entirely modeled in zBrush and textured in Substance Painter and the look dev was in Arnold using Houdini.

The animation was done by ELEMENTS VFX team.
I also want to thank www.elementsvfx.com team for the permission to post this project.