Cadillac on the Wall
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At Firebird Dubai

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At Firebird Dubai

Cadillac on the Wall

I was commissioned by Photographer and Designer Bram Tihany to bring to life one of his ideas for the new Firebird restaurant at the Four Seasons in Dubai. The idea was to follow an american theme and nothing better then a Cadillac to do the trick.
The twist though is that this Cadillac would be on the wall, in a highly complex and detailed metal sculpture at real scale, refined as a piece of art hanging on the wall.
It was not melting, not smashed, not inflated, not damaged nor flexible, but had to be a hybrid structure challenging the viewer to explore its surface. The project started with several simulations using SideFX Houdini to explore a natural behavior of metal, water, fabric and a myriad of materials to understand the behavior. Then a basic prototype was conceived in Modo to define the overall sculpture before moving to zBrush. It was a phenomenal learning experience to bring elegance to the final piece.

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