Glass Sculptures, Aureole NY

The challenge was to create a glass wine tower comprised of classical human figures for the re-opening of Charlie Palmer’s Aureole restaurant on New York’s 5th Avenue ( The figures had to capture the meditative and mythological essence of an aureole – a luminous cloud or halo surrounding sacred persons or objects – while maintaining a dynamic, flowing, and vibrant quality.

CG played a significant role in this project from the very beginning. Creating and exploring the expressive motion of stroboscopic imagery could not have been done to this degree using another method. "Due to the organic style required by the client, we had to model intuitively and position the figures precisely," explains Benjamin "Selwy" Leitgeb, the project’s digital sculptor who breathed life and emotion into each character.

The project was a true collaboration between creative professionals who worked tirelessly to bring the vision to life. The end result was a stunning glass wine tower that captured the essence of an aureole in a way that was both artistic and dynamic. It was an honor to be a part of such a creative and technically challenging project, and one that will surely leave a lasting impression on guests of Aureole.