Nautilus-like Machine

I was commissioned by Photographer and Designer Bram Tihany to lead the production of 6 master pieces that would belong to an even wider art collection from the same theme. The challenge was phenomenally interesting, with realistic caves inside crystals rocks, telling a drama of adventure and science fiction. This one was the Nautilus-like Machine that would dig into the ground and find these amazing environments. Everything was idealized from the ground up to be 1x1 scale to real life! There is a huge amount of details and an outrageous amount of polygons and textures on the series.

More about it here:

I want to thank ESAD College of Art and Design in Matosinhos, Portugal for the support and infrastructure and a big thanks to my warrior team members Romeu Pinto, José Pedro, Alexandre Jacinto, Joana Paupério, Hugo Peixoto and Fábio Pacheco Paiva for the tremendous amount of work that enabled this project to be what it is.